This short film immerses us in the heart of Caribbean, Guadeloupe and Martinique islands. "KIDZ OF BABYLON" tells the story of the children of the system who, through dreams, escape from the prevailing social inferno created by the system itself. Throughout this project, we are carried away by the waters of a dream imbued with surrealism, poetry, and uniqueness. The vision it expresses through these characters bears witness to a strong, singular, authentic identity, as well as a vital need for escape. Hence, art becomes a means of expressing a maroon thought. 

Director : Giovanny Scptt

Art Director : Floro  // Producer : Noble  //  Executive Production : Fleur & Pétale  //  Director of Photography : Giovanny Scott  // Drone Operator : Thomas Volberg  //  Editor / Colorist : Giovanny Scott  //  VFX Artist 1 : Ines Saki Segond-Chemai  // VFX Artist 2 : Drasma  //  Sound Design : Clement Caritg & Giovanny Scott  

Actors : Debrouya - Pon2Mik - Nerka - Giveme92kisses - El Kenza Clotilde - François-Xavier Nadeau - M.Berange "Cous" - Noah - Minus (Le pêcheur)

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