My new film for @bose x ๐‘๐‘œ๐‘๐‘™๐‘’ for the Ultra Open Earbuds.
Director โ€” @scottandfaces
Production company โ€” @noble_pvris
Executive producer โ€” @noble_espiiem
Dir. producer โ€” @lebuisson
Line producer โ€” @bonat_lcv
Project manager โ€” @lauryjersier
Talent artist โ€” @golden.kyma
1st AD โ€”
Cinematography โ€” @lucas_point
Post Producer โ€” @Stephaneazar
Lead Editor โ€” @stephaneazar
Editor โ€” @scottandfaces
Colourist โ€” @trancactus
Photography โ€” @scottandfaces
Still Photography โ€”
Digital post prod โ€” @scottandfaces
Graphic designer โ€” @6uerino
Location manager โ€” @renato_h2l
Set Designer โ€” @Emmymg
Electro โ€” @nono_lefebvre
Ass. light โ€” Diego Lauvergne
Data manager โ€” @dls.fwi
BTS โ€” @Creativemkv
Stylist Campaign โ€” @lebuisson
Mua 1 โ€” Aissatou Mansaly
Mua 2 โ€” Muriel Kam
FX House โ€” @paume.p
Vfx Artist โ€” @melkiaur
Vfx Artist โ€” @mizh_u
3D artist โ€” @framecastle
Soundtrack & Sound design โ€” @ratsimeffect
Motion Studio โ€” @halphastudio
Operator x Atrax โ€” Adrien Honorรฉ
Operator x Atrax โ€” Louis Vallet

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